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10 tips for moving in summer

10 Tips For Moving in Summer: The Ultimate Guide to Hassle-Free Summer Moving

Are you gearing up for a big move this summer? Amidst the bright sunshine and the promise of new beginnings, relocating during the warmer months comes with its unique challenges. But fear not because, with the right strategies, you can transform potential hurdles into smooth transitions. Whether you’re a busy parent, a seasoned professional, or simply looking to change your scenery, our top 10 tips will help you easily navigate the summer move and fend off any heat-induced stress.

1. Plan Your Summer Move Ahead of Time

Start your summer move by scheduling your move as early as possible to secure the best movers and rates. Moving companies often book up quickly during the peak summer months. However, with early planning, you get ample time to declutter, which not only simplifies your pack but can also cut down on costs.

Before your summer move, take the time to do your research, from settling on a date to locking in a reliable truck. This forethought can be a game-changer for ensuring everything lines up just right. The earlier you kick off the process, the more time you have for the unexpected—because if there’s one thing summer is known for, it’s unpredictability.

10 tips for moving in summer

2. Schedule Your Move For the Cooler Hours to Beat the Heat

When the summer heat ramps up, timing is everything. Plan to move during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late evening. Not only will this offer respite from the high temperatures, but the typically less crowded streets might make for quicker work by your chosen movers. Consider the potential of extreme weather, too, considering that sometimes, summer storms pop up quickly and sporadically. 

Therefore, you keep a close eye on forecasts and have a backup plan. However, choosing Horizon Movers keeps you covered as we provide seamless moving throughout the year and professional padding and shrink-wrapping for your furniture items to ensure that, rain or shine, your items stay safe and dry.

3. Protect Your Belongings from the Summer Sun

Just as you lather on sunscreen to protect your skin, your belongings need safeguarding from the sizzling summer sun. Sensitive items like electronics, DVDs, and even candles can suffer in a hot truck. Consider using climate-controlled storage units to prevent any meltdowns when moving certain electronic equipment; keeping these items away from direct sunlight and heat sources is crucial. Wrap them in blankets and, if possible, transport them in your air-conditioned vehicle. When packing, label boxes with temperature-sensitive contents so that everyone knows they require extra attention during the move—keep them open for the last moment before they need to be secured in the truck.

4. Enlist Trustworthy Movers for Your Summer Relocation

Finding reliable movers can be like striking gold in the moving process. Always check for genuine reviews and ensure they have a track record of success. When you’re in the search phase, pay close attention to companies that offer detailed quotes without hidden fees. Transparency is key. The right movers will not just quote; they’ll make your move seem effortless. Also, ensure they’re insured. This step can save you many headaches should anything unpredictable occur during your summer move. Horizon Movers, which boasts 200+ 5-star customer reviews, offers seamless summer mover and budget-friendly rates. These testimonies to our professionalism and care in handling personal possessions set your heart—and your heavy furniture—at ease. We are licensed and insured, so when you move with Horizon Movers, you get the best!

Move this Summer With Horizon Movers: Your Trusted Moving Solution

Horizon Movers offers a comprehensive moving experience, making them an ideal choice for your summer relocation in and around the Quad Cities. We bring over two decades of expertise to every move, ensuring a stress-free process. Our services include:

  • Local and long-distance moving.
  • Junk removal.
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  • Free packing supplies. 

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Horizon Movers tailors its services to meet individual needs, backed by numerous positive customer reviews. For a seamless moving experience, consider Horizon Movers as your go-to moving partner. In choosing us, you enjoy:

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Professional movers packing a van

5. Plan for Your Pets and Kids

Moving with children and pets requires extra consideration during summer. High temperatures and the chaos of moving can be overwhelming for them. Arrange for a friend, family member, or professional to look after them in a cool, safe place away from the moving activities. This ensures their safety and comfort and allows them to focus on the move without distractions. Prepare a kit with snacks, water, toys, and any necessary medications. Keeping children and pets comfortable and occupied reduces stress and smoother the transition for everyone involved in the summer moving process.

6. Check Your Utilities

Before moving day, ensure essential utilities, particularly air conditioning, are set up and functioning in your new home. Arriving at home without proper cooling can be unpleasant and even dangerous in the summer heat. Contact utility providers to schedule services like electricity, water, and gas. This preemptive step guarantees that your first day in the new home is comfortable, allowing you to unpack and settle in without the added stress of a hot, stuffy space. Additionally, verify the status of utilities in your current home to maintain comfort during the packing and moving out phase.

7. Be Weather-Aware and Prepare for Variable Summer Weather

While summer generally means sunshine and blue skies, don’t be caught off guard by a sudden downpour or cool front. Pack with the weather in mind, using waterproof bins for items that must stay dry. Consider extra insulation or padding for belongings that might endure a temperature plunge. Stay informed about the local climate tendencies, especially if you are relocating to or from areas with volatile weather patterns, such as FL or IL. Prepped and aware, your items will be in the same condition pre- and post-move, no matter what the summer weather has in store. Savvy packing can also lighten your load—literally. By selecting the right storage solutions and packing supplies, provided free of charge by Horizon, you ensure your items are shielded against elemental surprises.

8. Stay Cool and Hydrated on the Moving Day

On the day of the move, self-care should take priority. The theme is simple: stay cool and hydrated. Ensure you have plenty of water on hand for everyone involved, and if you’re supervising the move, dress in breathable clothing and use a cooling towel to beat the heat. It’s just as important for the movers, so inquire ahead of time whether your chosen company provides for their team—or if that’s your responsibility. Offering a chilly refreshment can keep spirits high and the move smooth. Maintaining high energy is equally crucial. Have snacks easily accessible to keep blood sugar balanced—an essential tip that sustains you and your helpers through the strenuous task of moving.

9. Consider Secure and Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

In certain circumstances, a move may not be completed in a single day, or new spaces are not immediately ready—at such times, storage solutions save the day. Items sensitive to heat, like art, wine, or electronics, benefit greatly from climate-controlled storage. If you choose Horizon Movers, we offer first free storage in our climate-controlled units, promising an added layer of protection for your valuables. Climate control is more than a luxury—it helps maintain the integrity of your belongings as they wait to find their place in your new home. Secure storage can be your saving grace whether you’re storing for a few days or several months. When considering storage options, don’t forget to factor in accessibility and security. After all, what’s the point of storing your items if you can’t reach them when necessary or trust they’re safe?

10. Final Week Countdown: Last-Minute Tips for a Summer Move

The last week before your move requires special attention. Reconfirm your moving plans, ensure utilities are set for transfer, and create an essentials box with everything you’ll need for the first 24 hours in your new place—think toiletries, chargers, a change of clothes, and snacks. Pets and children need extra consideration during this time. Create a plan for moving day that provides them with a safe, quiet space away from the chaos, ensuring they remain cool and calm. Lastly, walk through your current home one final time. Double-check cupboards, drawers, and shelves—you’d be surprised at what might be overlooked in the flurry of a move.

Financial Tips to Make Your Summer Moving Cost-Efficient

Moving during the summer months can be more expensive, but with a few strategic choices, you can keep costs under control. Consider being flexible with your moving dates and opt for mid-week or mid-month moves, which are usually less in demand than weekends or month-ends and could lead to better pricing. When creating your financial plan, don’t forget to account for all potential expenses, including packing supplies, storage costs, and even the cost of setting up your new home. Companies like Horizon offer a variety of services, from junk removal to secure storage, and can often provide package deals that help reduce the financial burden of moving. Create a detailed checklist and timeline to stay on top of your spending and avoid any last-minute financial surprises. And remember, decluttering and getting rid of any unnecessary belongings before the move can not only reduce moving day stress but also lower your moving costs.

The Perks of Moving in Summer: Real Estate and Garage Sales

Summer is an active season for real estate and garage sales. It’s an excellent time to declutter your space and make some extra cash by selling unwanted items. This approach can help you streamline your possessions and add to your moving budget. If you’re interested in the real estate market, summer is the perfect opportunity to showcase your home in the best light with blooming gardens and longer days. This season’s enthusiasm for property hunting could be your chance to make an impressive sale or purchase. Additionally, moving during the summer months allows families to settle in before the new school year, minimizing disruption to kids’ routines and education.

Final Thoughts

Moving during summer can be a daunting task, but with these top 10 tips, you can make it a smooth and enjoyable experience. From planning ahead to managing your last week, these guidelines will help you stay organized and calm during your move. If you need a reliable partner to guide you through your summer move, Horizon Movers and Climate Control Storage is here to help. With over two decades of experience and numerous 5-star reviews, they know how to make your move as easy as possible. To get started, visit for a free quote and see for yourself the difference that excellence and dedication can make.