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Are you getting ready to move? Moving can be a stressful and challenging experience, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right moving company. At Horizon Movers, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service tailored to your needs. We offer a wide range of services that are designed with convenience and flexibility in mind, ensuring that your move is as stress-free as possible.

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Need help moving to a new place?

Horizon Movers is here for you. We use efficient and modern equipment solutions and the latest moving technologies to make your transition smoother and easier. Our professional team of movers is fully trained and ready to assist you at every step of your relocation process. From packing your items, dismantling furniture pieces, and organizing everything in the truck to unloading them at your new place, we guarantee reliable transportation with absolute attention to detail.

Make a more relaxed move without lifting a finger! Sit back and relax while our professionals take care of everything for you! Our expert movers are skilled and experienced to handle jobs of any size, ensuring that everything goes perfectly according to plan. You can trust us to make your move stress-free and seamless.

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Short Distance Moving

Looking to move locally? We’ve got you covered. Our knowledgeable and skilled movers are here to assist you at every stage, whether you’re moving across town or just to the next neighborhood. Contact us today to arrange your nearby move.


Long Distance Taylor Ridge Movers

You can sit back and relax knowing that our skilled moving team will handle every aspect of your move, whether you’re moving across the state or to a new one. We prioritize efficiency and affordability, so you can expect a fast and cost-effective move.


Portable Storage Containers

Our portable storage containers are the perfect solution for a convenient and secure way to store your belongings during a move or renovation. We are an affordable and efficient Taylor Ridge company. We outperform the competition with our low prices and improved storage containers with double security and reinforced container walls.

Tips to Save Money on Long-Distance Moving Companies in Taylor Ridge, IL

Downsize and Declutter before You Move

The less you carry, the less time it will take to pack and unpack. Reducing the number of items being moved can result in both time and cost savings during a move, especially when moving a long distance.


Book Early for Long-Distance Moves

Booking your move ahead of your desired date for your long-distance move ensures a smooth and stress-free experience. 


Be flexible with your move date

Moving during peak season or on weekends can be more expensive. If possible, consider moving during the off-season or on weekdays to save money.

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Climate Control Storage Units

Looking to move locally? We’ve got you covered. Our knowledgeable and skilled movers are here to assist you at every stage, whether you’re moving across town or just to the next neighborhood. Contact us today to arrange your nearby move.
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Why Do People Choose Horizon Movers and Climate Control Storage?

Horizon Movers provides excellent customer service, and we ensure a smooth move for all our clients. We have the equipment to keep your items secure and safe from outside elements. In addition, our climate-controlled storage units are designed to protect your belongings against temperature fluctuations and other environmental conditions that could damage them.


Our professional team will take great care of you during the entire process and ensure your items are handled with the utmost care. We understand that moving can be stressful, but we’ll do everything possible to make it easier! Call or visit us today for more information on how Horizon Movers can help make your relocation hassle-free.

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Benefits of our Relocation Company

  1. Professionalism: Our team is highly trained and skilled in all aspects of the moving process, providing you with a professional and stress-free experience.
  2. Insurance coverage: With Horizon Movers, your properties are covered in the unlikely event of any damage.
  3. Experience: With years of experience in residential and commercial moves, we have the expertise to handle any moving challenge that may arise.
  4. Equipment: We use high-quality equipment and tools to protect your items during transport, ensuring that everything arrives at its destination in perfect condition.
  5. Flexibility: We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your needs, making your move convenient and hassle-free.
  6. Range of services: Whether you need help with packing, loading, unloading, or storage, we offer a range of moving services to accommodate your specific needs.
  7. Affordable rates: Our company offers competitive pricing for all of our services, including local and long-distance moves. We provide transparent estimates that we stand by throughout the entire moving process.
  8. Free Packaging Materials: To get you started, we provide two wardrobe boxes, five medium boxes, three dish sacks, five book boxes, and tape as free packaging supplies.
  9. Shrink Wrap Standard: All furniture is expertly padded and shrink-wrapped to reduce damage as a standard for every work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Ridge Moving Company

Q: What types of moving services do you offer?

A: We offer both residential and commercial moving services, as well as long-distance and local moves. We also offer packing and unpacking services, as well as storage solutions.

Q: How much does a Taylor Ridge Mover cost?

A: The cost depends on the size of your move and the distance to be traveled. We provide an accurate quote that can give you a better idea of the cost, especially with a long-distance move.

Q: Do you provide a moving team and a moving truck?

A: Yes, we provide a moving team and a truck to transport your items safely. We take extra care in packing and loading your items so they are secure during transit.

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