Everything You Need To Know About Milan, IL

Milan, Illinois, a charming village in Rock Island County, offers a unique blend of historical richness and modern vibrancy. With a population of 5,097 per the 2020 census, Milan is part of the larger Quad Cities area, known for its dynamic cultural and economic activities.

Historical Significance

  • Saukenuk Roots: Milan’s history is deeply rooted in its location on the Rock River, close to Saukenuk, once the second-largest Native American settlement in North America.
  • Early Development: The area, originally named “Hampton” in land speculation papers, was later renamed Camden Mills in 1841, reflecting its growing industrial activity, particularly in wool carding and pearl button-making.


  • Natural Setting: Situated at coordinates 41°26′47″N 90°33′56″W, Milan’s landscape combines both land and water, with a total area of 6.463 square miles, of which 9.18% is water.


  • Population Trends: Milan has seen various shifts in population, from 845 in 1880 to its current figure. The village has a diverse demographic profile, mixing different racial and ethnic groups.


  • John Deere Influence: A critical economic highlight is the John Deere North American Parts Distribution Center, one of the largest warehouses in the world.
  • Historical Business: The village was also the home of Eagle Food Centers until its closure in 2003.

Notable Residents

  • Ken Bowman: This NFL star, known for his tenure with the Green Bay Packers, was born in Milan.
  • Ethan Happ: A celebrated Wisconsin Badgers basketball player.
  • Ralph Fletcher Seymour: Renowned as a book publisher, artist, and author.
  • Joe Frisco: Famous for his contributions as a jazz dancer, vaudevillian, and comic.
  • Therese Anne Fowler: A distinguished author and television producer.

Community and Culture

  • Milan maintains a close-knit community atmosphere, emphasizing preserving its historical roots while embracing modern developments. The village’s location near the Quad Cities enriches its cultural and recreational opportunities, making it desirable for residents and visitors.

Local Business Supporting Local People

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In summary, Milan, Illinois, is a vibrant village that honors its historical heritage while progressing toward a diverse and prosperous future. Its strategic location near the Quad Cities, historical significance, and economic development, particularly with the John Deere North American Parts Distribution Center, make it an essential part of the region. The village’s journey from its early days as Camden Mills to its current status reflects a rich tapestry of history, culture, and community spirit. Learn more about Milan click here