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Pros and Cons of Living in Bettendorf Iowa

Are you moving to Iowa (the hawkeye state)? You can have your top pick from Sioux City, Cedar Falls, to Des Moines. Des Moines is the capital city of Iowa, but may we suggest settling in Bettendorf.

Iowa city

Bettendorf is a lovely quiet city in Scott County, Iowa. It is the 15th largest city in Iowa and the 3rd in Quad cities located around the Mississippi River. Also home to legendary actor John Wayne. Betten Dorf is an excellent place with meager crime rates. But is Bettendorf truly the best and as great as they say it is? After all, almost everyone has something great to say about their hometown or where they live. So let’s compare the facts about Bettendorf the old fashion way, using a pros and cons list. With that said, here are the pros and cons of living in Bettendorf.

Iowa State University

The largest university in Iowa. The school has a large and diverse student body, with students coming from all 50 states, Washington DC., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Iowa State has a long history of agricultural research and offers majors in everything from animal science to engineering. 

Cedar Rapids

It is the second-largest city in Iowa and the largest corn-processing city globally. It is also home to the Mercy Medical Center. In the 1800s, Cedar Rapids was known as the “Gateway to the West” because it was located on the banks of the Cedar River which served as a major transportation route. The city played an important role in the westward expansion of the United States and was home to many pioneers and settlers. 


National average

Now let’s look at the factor everyone thinks of when moving to a new place; Is it expensive to live in? You will be happy to know that housing costs in Bettendorf are affordable. We are not saying it is precisely a cheap place; however, you will find that things in Bettendorf are reasonably priced. The median home price is less than $150,000. Of course, the housing market depends on different factors such as which occupation you find yourself in, your expenditure, and whatnot. So when asking about it, you are bound to hear other answers concerning the cost of living in Bettendorf. However, we found that the housing market in Bettendorf is lower compared to big cities like New York. For example, you will discover Bettendorf’s real estate world fair housing is considerably cheaper there. Whether you are looking to move there with your family or just you, you should get a good home. However, you might find that it is pretty expensive regarding health care. If saving money is a top priority, moving to Iowa is well worth it.

It is safe to live in

Another essential thing to consider when moving to a new place is safety. Luckily, Bettendorf has low crime rates, especially a low violent crime rate. Bettendorf is mainly considered one of the boring smaller towns, and while that isn’t very enticing to kids, it is to parents. Bettendorf is regarded as a safe place to live for safety. Its violent crime rate is significantly lower than national averages, which means it’s a great place to raise a family. You wouldn’t have to worry about your kids’ safety or them getting into trouble. Bettendorf’s police department is considered quite good and reliable. You can trust them to handle whatever issues you may have.

Great education system

When looking to raise a family, you want a place with an excellent educational system that can positively impact your children’s lives. And that is just the kind of place Bettendorf is. It is well known for the quality of its educational system, and the literacy and graduation rates are significantly high. Students of schools in Bettendorf do exceptionally well in SAT and ACT scores. As in any place, quality comes at a price. The rate of high school graduates is higher than the national average. Education in Bettendorf may be a bit costly. Still, when raising a family in Bettendorf, you can rest assured that your kids are getting the best possible education in a diverse elementary school. You have the luxury of choosing between its world-class universities that offer many great opportunities they can take advantage of right after school. 

No issues with urbanization

Despite its thriving economy and lucrative job market, Bettendorf isn’t precisely a hotspot, and not many people go there. Bettendorf never feels like it’s overcrowded. It has a small-town feel to it, there is a lot of open space, and if you are looking to take a break from big crowded cities, then Bettendorf might just be the place for you. The low population of Bettendorf is another factor that makes it ideal for raising a family. You can have those outdoor suburban cookouts in the state park you have always dreamed of and not worry about traffic jams on your way to work.

Enjoy the four seasons.

Much like other places in Iowa, Bettendorf has a humid continental climate. The weather in Bettendorf changes quickly, and residents get to experience all four seasons. The weather can be favourable most of the time. Iowa is well known for its cultivation practices. While living in Bettendorf, you can start a backyard garden and live a beautiful life with all the open space. Visit the beaches around Bettendorf with the family or have a relaxing day in the blooming park. It’s all up to you.

Great and diverse neighbours

Bettendorf has been said to not be diverse in the past, which may be true. But things have gotten better. Many residents have a lot of good things to say about their neighbours when it comes to diversity. Bettendorf is now considered primarily diverse, and you wouldn’t have to worry about racism and discrimination as you move there. Aside from being mixed, the residents of Bettendorf are deemed to be very friendly and hospitable. So when moving to Bettendorf, you should be able to blend or fit in in no time.

The overall sound quality of life

The overall quality of life in Bettendorf is just excellent and precisely what you would look for in a future birthplace for your kids or see what small-town life has to offer. Many farmers’ markets provide affordable groceries with plentiful vegetation, and Bettendorf is also a great place to retire. 

Unlike the congestion in a big city, you can enjoy the comfortable and peaceful environment while visiting Bettendorf’s many parks.

Also, quality health care will serve you well and provide for all your health needs. Iowa hospitals are some of the best in the country and have a fair share of top restaurants.

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High tax rates

While Bettendorf has many great job opportunities, the city has a high-income tax, which makes enjoying your life there a bit harder. Now the issue is the state of Iowa uses the progressive tax system now. At the same time, this can be advantageous to the economy and people with low salaries. It’s certainly not as exciting if you have a high salary because the more you make, the more you would have to pay tax. Iowa is considered one of the least tax-friendly states. So if you are moving to Bettendorf for work and not retirement, then you can expect to be paying some pretty hefty taxes if you have a high salary, that is.

Prone to harsh weather conditions

The weather in Bettendorf can be harsh sometimes. The temperature can go beyond 40 degrees below zero during the winter. The whole state of Iowa is prone to tornadoes and other undesirable weather conditions. However, the situation is less complicated in Bettendorf but still considerable. So if you are not one to stand harsh weather conditions, then this is something to think about before moving to Bettendorf

Not very walkable

It’s certainly a place for people who want a lot of space, but sometimes, Bettendorf can seem to have way too much space when you do not have a vehicle. The median age for an Iowa driver’s license is 16, but you will have to pass a vision test. Due to the reduced urbanization in Bettendorf, you have to be prepared to move long distances to get all the stuff you need. The state of Iowa ranks high for the highest gas taxes in America, so you will be spending a lot of time and money getting around. 

Not a lot of entertainment options

Now, this is somewhat controversial. Some residents believe Bettendorf can be very entertaining, while others don’t. We think it is because Iowa is a land-locked state. It just depends on your style and what you consider entertaining. After all, there are several theaters, bowling alleys, and other places you can go to and have fun with friends and family. But if theaters, bowling alleys, and such aren’t your style, then fun might not be in your future at Bettendorf. The closest thing to a beach may be the Mississippi River or the Okoboji Lake in Central Iowa, or visit the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque.

The neighborhoods in Bettendorf can be pretty dull compared to major cities like Los Angeles. Nothing interesting ever seems to happen.

Now while you can have some great neighbors when you move to Bettendorf, you won’t exactly have a lot of them, not with the low population. So if you are the type who likes to have a lot of friends and socialize, you might have some trouble as it can feel restricted sometimes.

Living in Iowa isn’t bad if you can get past the conservative lifestyle of small towns. After looking at the pros and cons list, we can easily say that Bettendorf is a convenient rural area because the gravity of the pros far outweighs the cons. Another thing to note is that the hawkeye state is essentially a Republican state. President Trump won 53.1% to 44.9% in the last presidential election.

Also, some of the factors we considered as cons may not be directly applicable to everyone. So with that said, Bettendorf is a good choice if you are looking for an economic opportunity, a place to raise a family, or simply get out of the crowded city life. Plus, with low housing costs, what is there not to love.